New Year’s Resolution? Try this…

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Make a resolution to begin your family memoir this coming year. Make a commitment to ask questions, collect stories and memorabilia, and launch a free blog. If you don’t know how, team up with a family member who does. The blog is important because it’s where you can begin posting content that will make its way into the family story.

Do family members get together to feast on special days and holidays? If so, what about featuring the cooks and their favorite recipes? Is there a family portrait available for posting? A blog keeps the information and the memories in one place. Not all social media platforms are reliable for storage. And regular posting provides a story in and of itself.

Make a commitment and stick to it. Blog at least once a month, and if this seems unlikely, plan your postings and write them in advance. Test different methods that work for you. And check the Big Brother site for examples.

It’s time for Thanksgiving again!


Publication may be a goal, but is it realistic to believe we’ll reach it? Yes. Right now, work is still underway on the text based on stories Joel W. Culp told about Big Brother. Changes. Deep revision. Spell checks. The search for more photos from our family archive. Some days it seems like the work will never end. One day at a time. This blog was launched back in 2009. Ten years ago. The blog at times accelerated the progress on the text. You’ll find gaps when the months and years passed without inspiration. And the likelihood of finishing the family memoir some day has been enhanced because of the blog. If you suspect this might happen to you, choose a free blog platform. It accomplishes the goal of making progress, and is a good reminder to keep working.

Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four” novel is still on the top selling book lists!

One of the many editions of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, the novel. The work is still at the top of the best-selling works on the market today.

And there’s a raft of videos on YouTube and other digital platforms that are a reminder of the fast-moving surveillance society. This year, 2019, is the 70th anniversary of Orwell publishing the novel in 1949. He completed the work in 1948. The theme of Big Brother is a central theme of a memoir and family history underway by Marguerite Kearns. It is based on the life stories her father told her in the aftermath of her mother’s death in 1997. This blog tracks the continuing development of the memoir over several decades as the time draws closer for the work’s publication in 2020.

Listening and Writing Everything Down…

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It’s a lot of responsibility to write, produce, and distribute a family history. If the goal is to have something to pass on to future generations, you’ll be evaluated as to your fairness, thorough coverage, commentary, resources, and more. It’s up to you to plan your approach and the degree of participation of others. It’s rare when these efforts are reimbursed, and this is one reason why careful planning is called for.